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New Customer Information and Frequently Asked Questions     Useful Customer Documents

Natorp Landscape Supply is a wholesale distributor of nursery and greenhouse plant material. Our plants are intended for use by retail garden centers, nurseries, landscape companies and property management companies. To ensure that our business remains at the wholesale level it is necessary to verify each customerís status prior to their first purchase. Please take a few minutes to fill out the New Customer Application so that we may get all necessary information.

To help you with the application process, here are a few things you should knowÖ.

The State of Ohio requires any person who grows, buys, and installs nursery stock for the purpose of reselling or reshipping in Ohio to have a Nursery Dealers License. It is not a license to buy wholesale, but we feel it is important that you have one since it helps ensure that nursery stock sold to the public is inspected and certified pest free. You may obtain one through our wholesale office or at:

Ohio Department of Agriculture
Division of Plant Industry/ Plant Pest Control Section
8995 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068-3399

Or to download the application now click here.

The fee is $125.00 per year, good thru December 31st. If you fill one out in our office and attach a check to the application we will immediately start your account.

We do everything in our power to prevent the release of our customerís cost to the general public. We will not share pricing until your company has been approved to purchase. Once approved, we will mail you a copy of our most recent catalog with our prices.

Our wholesale locations in Mason and Newtown are designed for quick and easy pickup of nursery and greenhouse material. Our sales staff is knowledgeable in plant material and is equipped to help load your orders as quickly as possible. Please do not send your customers to our locations to look at plant material. If you choose they can accompany you around our nursery.  

We thank you for your interest and look forward to building a strong, long term relationship.

Natorp Landscape Supply


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why do you require customers to complete an application before you sell to them?

A.  One of our goals is to protect the wholesale relationship that we have with our customers. We define our customers as professional landscape companies, nurseries or garden centers that install or sell plant material. We want to make sure that your clients do not obtain the prices that we sell to you.

Q.  What are the application requirements?

A.  We ask that you supply us with your company name and address, as well as copies of your Ohio Nursery Dealers License. We also ask that you provide us with a list of people that you will authorize to place and pickup orders.

Q. May I get a copy of your catalog before applying to be a customer?

A. No, our policy is to only share pricing with customers that have been approved.

Q. When and how can I find out your prices?

A. After your application is approved we will give or mail you a catalog. It will contain the prices of the plants that we sell. You may also inquire about our pricing and availability using the phone or by accessing our secured website. Accessing our website requires a User Code and Password.

Q. What forms of payments do you accept?

A. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) and company checks. Credit accounts may be established through a different application process.

Q. Why are there plants listed in the catalog without prices?

A. These plants are graded by quality when they arrive at our nursery and individually priced at that time.

Q. Are the varieties and sizes of plants in the catalog all that you have for sale?

A. With our inventory fluctuating daily, we canít always ensure the availability of all plants listed in our catalog. Likewise, we have new varieties available to us daily and cannot have them listed in a once a year catalog. If you do not see the plants that you need listed in our catalog please contact one of our sales representatives for updates.

Q. Why do you require customers to check in at the office upon arrival?

A. All customers need to check in at the office to ensure being loaded in a quick manner and to make sure that we have the plants in stock that you need.

Q. May I send my customers, family and friends in to pick up plant material?

A. No, we are only setup to help our regular customers. We are not a retail garden center or landscape designers.

Q. May I bring my customer or family members with me into the nursery?

A. Yes. It is suggested not to bring children with you. This is a working nursery. Equipment of all sizes move throughout the nursery. If it becomes necessary to bring children, they must stay in your vehicle while on the nursery. 

Q. Why canít I load my own plants?

A. We understand that it can be frustrating to wait in line when you only need a few items. However, having a number of customers unattended in the nursery will not work.

We are taking care of customers in the order that they arrived and we could easily lose track of whose next. Also, not all of the plants that you see are of saleable quality or available to sell. Customers who have loaded their own trucks might need to unload plants that may have been committed to other customers or to verify a proper count. We are making every effort to decrease the time that your vehicle is here for loading.

Q. May I request to have plant material moved from Mason to Newtown?

A. Yes. Most weeks we are making 2 trips between our facilities (Tuesday and Thursday). If you can wait for those dates we will gladly transfer your plants.

Q. I see acres of plant material when I go to your nurseries, why am I not allowed access to all of it?

A. Many of the plants that you see are scheduled to sell sometime in the future. Plants are grown to be harvested once they reach a certain size. Once they attain the size needed we will make them available. 

Q. Is my company approved to purchase annuals from your greenhouse in the spring?

A. Yes. We do have certain procedures on the purchase, tagging/holding or contract growing that need to be followed. Please see an NLS rep on those procedures.


Q. Can I call ahead and have my plants waiting for me?

A. Yes. We encourage you to call ahead for us to have your order ready to go for your driver. Our nursery is fairly large and some orders can take a while to pull.

Q. Can I tag or set aside plants that my company will need for future jobs?

A. Yes. We will hold (commit) plants that you will need for future jobs, but we will only hold (commit) those plants for a limited time. Plants that you have tagged or committed will only be held for 1-2 weeks before they are put back for sale. Holding plants for longer periods may be possible depending on availability of certain plants. Ask your Natorp sales representative if that is possible.


Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes. Deliveries to your job site or garden center will be readily accommodated with daily delivery schedules beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Q. What is the fee for delivery?

A. We have a standard delivery fee of $115.00 within a 25 mile radius. Delivery outside of this area will be adjusted per additional mileage. Please call for rates.

Q. Will the plant material be taken directly to where the holes are?

A. No. Deliveries are tailgate only. It is expected for you to provide a crew to unload and properly place the plant material. Natorpís can provide labor at your request at a rate of $30.00 per man hour (excluding driver), portal to portal.

Q. What if I have a large order of trees being delivered?

A. All tree deliveries will be expected to be unloaded with the help of a Bobcat or Front End Loader provided by you. Natorpís can supply a Boom truck for unloading of larger trees at a cost of $125.00 per load (includes up to one hour use of boom truck at job site). The boom truck is to be used solely for unloading plant materials. An additional fee of $50.00 per hour will be assessed after the first hour.

Q. How is payment for the delivery handled?

A. If your company has established a charge account with us the invoice may be charged to your account. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) must be called into us in advance of the delivery. For C.O.Dís, our drivers will hand deliver the invoice and accept your companyís check at the delivery site.

Cancellation, Claims and Returns

Q. May I cancel an order after I have placed it?

A. Yes, as long as we have not loaded a truck for delivery. Cancellations in our industry happen and we will work with you in those situations, but repeated instances might prevent us from holding plants for your company in the future.

Q. May I cancel plants that have been specially dug for my company?

A. When we dig plants that you have specifically tagged or asked to have dug and do not take them we will charge you a restocking fee of 10% of the total value of the plant(s) dug.

Q. What if I didnít receive everything that was listed on my invoice?

A. We strive to be accurate with every invoice but occasionally errors may occur. Thatís why itís important for your employee to count all plant material as it is being loaded or unloaded. Your employeeís signature is confirmation that all plants are accounted for. Shortage claims will be limited to 7 days, after that, responsibility for the error is impossible to determine. 

Q. Why donít the plants you sell have a guarantee?

A. The survivability of plant material depends upon many factors: transporting, site selection, site preparation and subsequent care. Since we have no control over these factors Natorpís does not offer an open-ended guarantee on the plants that we sell. All of the plants we sell are inspected for insect or disease problems. If you see a plant(s) that you have received with broken branches, skinned trunks or insect/disease problems please contact your sales representative with your concerns. Credit is freely given when it is determined that we are responsible. 

Q. May I return plants if I bought too many or the job was cancelled?

A. No. All sales are final. Unless it is determined we loaded the wrong plant material or the plants you received were of poor quality. In many cases the plant material that you received was hand picked by a representative of your company and we trust they are happy with their decision at the time.

Q. Does Natorpís provide my company with tarps to protect plants that I get? 

A. Natorpís does not provide tarps, burlap or any forms of plant protection. For your convenience tarps (8íx12í, 12íx18í) are available for sale. We do make every effort to help you protect your plant purchase and will assist you in taking protective measures.

Nursery Stock Dealer's License
Credit Application